How can you do that?

A little while back, I was browsing through some of my pics which I took while I was in Europe. It reminded me of a coversation that I had with one of my friends who is a French (whom I will call Frenchie from now on ;)) and he is currently living in Paris. If you are wondering why all of a sudden I decided to go back in my memory lane, it is because I just got a message on fb from frenchie inviting me for his marriage which will take place sometime in November.

Without really going into the details of the marriage :P, let me do tell you about this conversation that I had with him when I was in Paris.

Hey, how is it possible for you guys to do what you end up doing?”—frenchie

What do we end up doing, buddy?”—me

Oh, how can you get married to a girl whom you have never met before or for that matter never had an opportunity to spend some time together?”—frenchie

Well! That’s the case for the majority in India and its very much a part of the societal system that we Indians happen to be a part of. I guess, it comes very natural to us.”—

Yaaa, I could never do such a thing. Comeon, it can turn out to be a disaster.”—frenchie

Yes, there is a possibility, but then don’t you think the chance, if not equal, is still there when you end up marrying a person of your own choice, though the probability seems to be lesser as compared to that in case of an arranged marriage.”—me

Hmm! I guess you have a point, else why would there be so many divorce happening around among the current generation in Europe.”–frenchie

See, at the end of the day, what matters is whether you are able to maintain and nurture the compatibility which people believe tends to come on its own, but least to their expectations, it needs to be nurtured and a lot of effort needs to be put in, in order to ensure that the compatibility grows leaps and bounds, which is so essential for a harmonious and loving relationship.”—me

But don’t you think you will be compromising in such a situation?”—frenchie

It depends on how you want to perceive such an act. For some, it might look like a compromise, but for others it might just be a gesture to show how much one wants to be with another person and what all he or she is ready to sacrifice for the moments that they end up spending together as a part and parcel of their relationship.”—me

Then what if it takes a toll on you and you realize that it has been you who has been putting all the effort without the other person reciprocating for the same. Don’t you think you will really get frustrated about the whole scenario?”—frenchie

Yes, you might get frustrated. In such a situation you can take either of the two courses that I am about to tell you. One is: that you go by what the philosophers in the field of love have to tell you about love and that is to love a person selfishly without really worrying about the returns, which I agree might be too much to ask for from this pragmatic World of which we all happen to be a part of. Second is: you should talk to the other person and should try to convey what you might be going through and what expectations you might be having from your better half, and then try to sit together and resolve the issue amongst yourselves; which seems to be a more pragmatic course of action.”–me

You should be a counselor man! What are you doing in this business school? 😉 “–frenchie

Yaaaa! Totally! 🙂 “—me

And that was the last conversation I had with him before leaving Paris. Today, he is in a relationship (already engaged) and guess what he is about to get married arrangedly.

It is true that it is a very rare phenomenon in Europe in contemporary times. But if you happen to come from one of the richest business families in Europe then it does come very naturally to you ;).

With the kind of persona, this man has, I have no doubts what so ever that by now he might have already mastered what I call the art of marriage and would be all set to put into practice the very same art.

I would take this opportunity to wish him from my side and from all of you out there who are reading this article : Wishing him and his better half all the very best for the future. 🙂

But guys out there, who are already married and who are yet to master this art, what are you all waiting for? Christmas! ;). Wishing all the married couples all the best on this journey of life where they would be trying to master this very ART OF MARRIAGE.

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This time it’s not Life!

For the past couple of days, my to be better half has been complaining about me not being able to give her much time. On top of that, whenever I decide to crib something here, she says, that it’s on topics such as life and not wife, which if I were to write on, would in all probabilities make her happy ;).

Though, even the Gods wouldn’t dare to tread this path, today is a day where I take the liberty, of course at my own risk, to throw myself in this short but extremely significant journey, where I would try to discover the very significance of the word wife :D.

A man’s interaction with a woman starts the very moment he announces himself on the floor which we call World. Though, the woman in his life is not a wife, but this very interaction with his mother, is instrumental in framing his conception of a wife.

As a natural progression of cognitive development, he slowly but surely realizes what a wife can and would certainly do to him, or to put it differently, how a wife would be able to make that quintessential difference that he had been waiting/or not waiting for so long ;).

As Shahrukh Khan has famously said in one of his dialogues from his movie kuch kuch hota hai, a man indeed tends to bow down in front of the three most important women in his life, namely: devi ma, ma and biwi.

On getting married, a mumma’s boy is expected to become a biwi’s guy, if I can call it so :). He is supposed to cater to each and every need of his wife, and the onus of deciding whether the so called created need is indeed legitimate and logical, lies on none other than the person whose need is supposed to be catered to.

So far, it seems I have been talking about just one aspect of the word wife, and that too in not a very positive manner. But folks, I must tell you that there is another side to this story which truly deserves a lot of praise and respect.

A wife in all senses of the word is truly a homemaker. For if she was not there, a house would ever remain a house. She is the one who tries hard day-in-day-out to turn a house into a home.

She is the one who not only takes care of the husband, but also the entire family of her husband. And mind you, it’s not easy to come into a household, which is totally new to your expectations and give in your 100%.

Even after all the difficulties and cultural shocks, she makes sure that her husband is happy. Sometimes I wonder how can wives be so dedicated and selfless?

On second thoughts, instead of wondering how she is able to do so, I guess, I would be better off in bowing myself as Mr. Shahrukh Khan has apltly portrayed in his blockbuster, in front of the woman, who is truly, amongst the three very important ladies in the life of any mortal who happens to visit this planet Earth :).

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