Over and Out!

They say,

In a game of cricket,

It’s never over until its over,

You need to be focused till the very last ball,


Till you take the winning run,

In life too,

No matter how many times you haven’t succeeded,


No matter on how many occasions you have felt down and out,

The game of life isn’t over until it’s over,

For everything you have done,

Does add up,

Every effort that you have made,

Stays with you in some form or the other,


Believe it or not,

It does bear fruits when the time comes!

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It’s all about Playing Games!

Sports has had a very integral role in my growing up years. Has been instrumental in teaching me things which I will cherish all my life. What comes along with playing sports is you get into a habit of watching sports and when it be the biggest sporting event, one can hardly miss upon the wonderful performances.

Yes, Olympics did have its own set of controversies and accomplishments, which each one of us know and would not really want to get into the complexities of the same. What I would instead want to talk about is few things which I learnt from my sporting years, both playing and watching, and which I think are extremely relevant when it comes to leading our day-to-day lives.

I still remember, cable connection used to be a luxury at home only to be availed during our summer holidays because my mom was very particular about her kids not wasting time on the same and instead wanted us to focus on academics.

Those were the days, when on a Sunday, if there was supposed to be a cricket match being played between India and another nation, when I would get up around 5 or so in the morning to first play my favorite sports and then get ready to watch it at a friend’s place.

Probably, the ease with which one becomes disciplined with no one else telling you all the time to do so, was the biggest habit which I was drawn into, courtesy sports. Now I realize how his gets translated to any other aim or goal that you set for yourself and carve out a path to achieve the same, which comes pretty naturally to you and makes it a cake walk when it comes to adapting yourself to the grueling schedule.images

While, on the field, since it’s a team sports and your victory is determined by how everyone else is performing, a team sports, no matter how much you would want to, doesn’t give you the liberty to become selfish, instead teaches you to do your job selflessly, striving towards a larger goal at all times.

Such great mentoring, especially during the formative years of a child, instills in him/her an ability to think beyond one’s profit and loss and instead focus on the common good, leaving little scope for comparisons and the resulting jealousy, in turn enabling one to lead a much happier life.

The wonderful think about sports like any other other field is the adulation that one gets when one wins. Though it has its own confidence boosting effect, at the same time, it more often than not, leads to over-confidence and ego.

But as with every other thing, this two has its in-built neutralizing formula, where in you don’t always win, but lose as well. It’s incredible how the ego comes shattering down when you brag and lose, in turn teaching you a very important lesson in life, which is to remain balanced at every point of time in your life and take success and failures in the same stride.

Another extra-ordinary thing about sports is that it teaches you that there are no limits to what you can achieve. In every tournament new records are set, which inspires every individual to have faith in his/her ability to go beyond the usual, and more importantly to think that one can actually cross the line with better efforts, thereby motivating one to continue with the hard work.

And the most important of all that sports teaches you is, that nothing comes easy. You have to put in the hard work, you have to make each moment, each day count for the incremental improvements to take place, you have to be conscious of the fact that it needs to be worked upon.

Doesn’t it sound similar to working on any social relationship in the World that we tend to get into during the wonderful journey that we all call life, be it spouse or kids?

If it does hit your realization, then make sure you and your family get into a habit of playing sports, for it’s all about playing games and the more you play with the right spirit, the more satisfied and happy you would be in life.

Source for Image: https://sites.jmu.edu/103fall14/are-youth-sports-too-competitive-draft-i/

The Mediocrity!

Why is it that some of us go on to carve a successful life for ourselves and some are left behind in this race? Is it because they are class apart or are more intelligent than the rest or is it because of their attitude towards hard work and dedication?

Some would want to argue that the luck is on their side, or they are more practical and opportunist. Some would say they happen to be at the right place at the right time. Some might even say that this is all written up there and it had to happen.

Without going into the nitty gritties of what’s written and what’s not, the crux is that those who go on to become successful are motivated individuals who are ready to devote their time and will to the one goal or mission that they chose for themselves.

It is their sheer conviction to get up each morning thinking about their goal and what all activities they should be doing in order to move closer to their self-nurtured goals. They don’t waste their precious time gossiping or loafing around.download

If you are wondering where this attitude which leads to the genesis of real success comes from, it’s within us. It is us and our attitudes that shape who we are going to become, say ten years down the line.

Often, in interviews, it’s asked of us, as to where we want to be in 5 or 10 years down the line. The rationale behind asking such questions is to make you ponder over your goals, inspire you from within, motivate you to do hard work.

At the end of the day, it’s not the interviewer who gains from all these questions, but the individual who takes cues from the questions asked and works towards carving a wonderful life for not only himself but also for his near and dear ones.

So, all those out there, who want to be successful, stop behaving like a mediocre and think about that one thing that you really care for, think about that one thing that you would want to do in life and get up each day dreaming about achievement of that one thing and working towards accomplishing the same, till you get it.

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The Test!

Though India has been able to clinch an important test win over England, the topic of my current post has nothing to do with cricket what so ever. I am talking about the test that life seems to put on us every now and then in order to see how resilient we are and how much we have matured over time to be able to take care of the nitty-gritty of the very phenomenon which we all call life.

I recently saw this movie jab tak hain jaan and the test that life seems to take is well elaborated and perfectly brought out by this dialogue from the protagonist and it goes something like this: zindagi to har pal hamari jaan leti hai, bomb to keval ek baar lega.

Though this has a negative tone to it and seems to project the pain and sorrow of the protagonist, this can very well be interpreted in a positive manner, if we just change the angle of the lens through which we are trying to interpret the same. A better way to put it would be: zindagi to har pal hamara imtihaan leti hai. 

The test starts the very moment one is born, as one tries to step out of the haven that a mother provides to him/her for nine months and then he/she has to meet the harsh realities that the surrounding environment provides.

Growing up is not very easy for majority of the population. Every stage of life is met with innumerous challenges. Some, we are able to overcome and some tend to drain us of our energies to the extent of us falling victim to the situation.

Every stage of life is met with successes and failures. A philosopher has compared life to a book composed of chapters where there are some good pages and some bad. The art lies in keep turning the pages of the book and keep exploring the next page, for if you don’t then you won’t ever know as to what lies ahead.

And true to its sense, no one is a born winner. One has to go through immense suffering and challenges before one emerges a winner or whom the world generally calls a winner, because it all depends on the interpretation of victory. Without really going into the philosophy of victory, let me just stick to the practical/societal definition of a winner.

And what makes one victorious is an enduring desire to reach that one important goal of life that he/she would have made for oneself and to keep trying for it. One might fall several times during all these years of trying and one might have to suffer a lot to the point of challenging the very concept of destiny that God has inscribed for him/her.

But what really matters is to realize that one might and will be faced with hardships; one needs to keep trying, for winners are those who decided not to quit.

All those out there who feel that God is not being kind to them, stay positive and keep trying for the victory is just next door and trust me you cannot afford to give up on it.

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